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What is Tube Radio?

Tube Radio exists to help guitar enthusiasts to learn guitar in lots of ways. We specialize in providing our readers with options to expand their knowledge of the guitar world and hone their skills using radio stations streaming guitar-related topics. This guitar-themed website is founded by Princeton Francis.

Who is Francis?

Princeton Francis is a resident of the USA. He was born in the 10th May 1972. He is currently living in New Haven, Connecticut as a professional guitarist.

Due to the lack of consistency from sources on the internet about guitar lessons, Francis came up with the idea of focusing on tips and information coming from those who really have actual experience regarding guitar – guitar instructors.

He makes this possible by pointing users to radio stations that make guitar instructors public and thus, providing free guitar lessons that come from real-life experience and situations.

My Mission

Connect people through passion

I believe a person will only look for ways to hone their skills with the guitar if they are truly passionate. That’s why I want to connect my readers through their commonality, their passion.

I want to change how people live by sharing my knowledge and expertise while helping them know about the knowledge and expertise of others besides me. This makes it easier to learn as it involves active interaction.

My Values

Having shared values is the key to a successful organization. That’s why I share my values for this website to my readers.

We are part of the community

The products or content on this website are made with passion and I believe this is why it can reach out to many passionate people to build a community.

Since being founded in early 2019, this website has been growing and I look forward to the growth this website will undergo in the future.

What We Offer


Here at Tube Radio, I’ve written a number of articles. They cover a variety of topics, everything from streaming websites, apps, radio stations, guitar lessons, news, mobile radio, and more. You’ll find a wealth of information on this website and I’ll continue to make more.


I provide my readers with recommendations. In fact, this website has a Recommended Books page where you can check out the best books for me and for many people, too. This will serve as a guide for you whether you want to learn the fundamentals or the more advanced lessons.


I also review products constantly such as mobile radios, but I focus on reviewing radio stations and classify them according to my description of them, such as the best web-based radio station, or best radio apps.

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