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Best Radio Apps for Streaming Guitar Programs from Composers and Instructors

Just a while ago, we’ve been relying on transistor radios to listen to high-quality music and entertainment. Now, we’ve come a long way with technology rapidly advancing, giving birth to internet radio stations.

Although AM and FM radios are decreasing in popularity, it still plays a major role in communication and entertainment for music lovers. It’s the only places that play classical songs, oldies, and more, besides just the trending music that doesn’t really hit deep to its listeners.

If you’re one of the music lovers that think the love for radio will never die, these radio apps may take your interest as it lets you stream guitar programs not only for entertainment but for education purposes.


AccuRadio includes 1000 radio channels that you can customize for yourself. With more than 50 different genres of music to choose from such as pop, jazz, country, rock, acoustic, and countless more, there is really no limit to the possibilities, and learning guitar is sure to be one of them.


iHeartRadio is another popular radio app for Android where you can stream over thousands of radio channels. What I liked about this app, though, is that they allow you to save songs and replay them as you like, although you’ll encounter ads as you use it.

Radio Online – PCRADIO

PCRADIO is known for taking so little space on your phone plus there’s not much data usage when using this app. They provide a simple interface and different genres which are organized neatly with a search option.

Another thing I liked about this is that there’s an equalizer and sleep timer so you can clearly hear what guitar instructors are saying.

Radio Player from Audials

Audials might not be as popular, but you can literally stream over 50,000 radio stations in this app and this is perhaps why I liked it so much. There are different genres as well as 100 different podcasts to listen to.

You can also enjoy access to the cloud and a built-in equalizer, sleep timer, and more features.

Pandora Music

Although it only works for US residents, Pandora Music is still one of the best Android radio station apps in the Play Store. It’s more like YouTube where they program itself so that you’ll get recommendations for songs and stations that you’ve “liked” in the past.

That way, you can “like” guitar stations and you’ll get some more like it.

Simple Radio

Simple Radio is a straightforward app. Perhaps it has something to do with how the name says simple radio and how it really is simple. You can stream from over 40,000 different radio stations and you can label them as “Favorites”, which the program will then base on to give you suggestions in the “Recommended” section.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a bit more like Pandora Music, except that it is available to anyone and it comes with more than 100,000 stations which is a pretty big figure for me and I’m sure for many people, too.

That said, they not only stream music stations, but also news, sports, and many more. You’ll also get access to its Car Mode feature so you can learn guitar as you drive.

Do you have other apps that you think should’ve made it onto this list? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Open post Guitar Instructors and Lessons on YouTube Channels Grow in Popularity - Guitar Instructors and Lessons on YouTube Channels Grow in Popularity

Guitar Instructors and Lessons on YouTube Channels Grow in Popularity

Due to the countless information, YouTube can provide to its users, it’s become very popular. You can opt for tutorial videos on virtually any topic you want to know.

Now, this type of videos is getting more popular as it brings real information to the table in the form of videos, in which marketers state to be the future of content marketing. This tells us that videos will be crucial in the future of education.

As such, I’ve made sure to tackle this topic by providing you with the most popular YouTube channels that involve guitar instructors and guitar lessons which you may visit to hone your skills with the guitar through technical information and practical application.

Guitar Lessons

When we talk about guitar lessons, the first thing that comes to mind is the publisher with the actual name “Guitar Lessons”. This YouTube channel is perhaps the most organized channel you’ll find on YouTube with consistent overlays and the topics clearly displayed.

This channel is managed by Nate Savage and he really organizes his videos from beginner courses to the more advanced stuff. He also provides you with the option to skip all the unnecessary stuff.

Guitar Jamz

Guitar Jamz is the most popular YouTube channel right now with over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. This channel is created by Marty and he’s been nurturing his channel for many years now.

There is much stuff you can find in his channel including beginner courses teaching the basics. He also demonstrates his lessons in a slow manner to help beginners really get into it. You’ll also find him mimicking other guitarists’ playing style.


Jamplay is another organized YouTube channel that also includes beginners’ lessons and also advanced courses. Jamplay prides itself with how they explain to their audience how popular songs or styles are made and played to the last fret.

There are a number of teachers on this channel so you might find it hard to cope with each of their styles.

Justin Guitar

This YouTube channel prides itself from the fifteen years of experience a guitarist had undergone. This only makes it easier for you to notice how the publisher can understand the troubles of a normal guitarist and that’s why he gives beginners courses an enthusiastic vibe, while he’s a bit stricter when making expert courses.

Rock on Good People

It’s worth noting that this YouTube channel has a website called Next Level Guitar, and that’s why they direct people to their website. This is also why you may find much stuff you can buy related to guitars.

But don’t get me wrong because they also provide valuable free videos including the basics, techniques, and other lessons.

There are many guitar pieces that end up being too tricky for you to master. Fortunately, these YouTube channels provide a more comprehensive and easier way to master these pieces.

You’ll also find that it’s easier to learn by watching a video rather than reading heaps of plain text.

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