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Online Radio Stations to Learn Acoustic Guitar

Honing your skills in playing with an acoustic guitar using free resources on the internet is great and all, but they tend to be inconsistent. Some may tell you about something, some may contradict what you just learned, and so on.

This, however, rarely happens when you directly get advice and tips from people who have actual experience when it comes to playing the guitar.

Here are some of the online radio stations you can listen to and learn and hone your skills with an acoustic guitar.

Petőfi Rádió

First up in our list is Petőfi Rádió with the highest rating. They broadcast songs features acoustic guitar and, although it happens rarely, they include guitar instructors for some inspiration and advice. They have their station located in Budapest.

101.RU –  Акустика

101.RU’s Акустика, translated as Acoustics, is another noteworthy radio station for this genre. They have the second highest ratings plus, they have 84 substations around the world. Their headquarters is located in Moscow.

Allzic Radio Chill Out

Just as the name implies, if you want to chill out, just listen to their music. They broadcast different types of music such as instrumental, romantic, and of course, acoustic styles. It’s also great for ambient and meditation music.

They have their headquarters in Île-de-France, Paris with 54 substations.

Jazz One Radio

Another radio station with an obvious name is Jazz One Radio, and you guessed it, they specialize in Jazz music, although they also include blues and acoustic. They’re located in Attica, Athens.

Peaceful Currents Radio

This radio station perhaps has the most straightforward name, Peaceful Currents Radio. As the name suggests, they specialize in bringing their listeners relaxing music, and that includes acoustic guitar plays. Their station is located in Ontario, Toronto.

GotRadio – Guitar Genius

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GotRadio with their Guitar Genius session features guitar music from different genres such as classical, rock, and acoustic. This is also great if you don’t plan on sticking to only playing the acoustic guitar.

Their station is located in California, Sacramento with 49 other substations.

Big Radio One

The Big Radio One station prides itself with their wide-range of electronic music with a mix of acoustic and romantic songs. They’re headquartered in Northern Mindanao, Maramag.

MORE Acoustic

MORE Acoustic can’t be more straightforward with the radio station’s name. Obviously, they specialize in acoustic music. They have 15 substations, with their main station located in Odesa.

GotRadio – Americana

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GotRadio includes acoustic music and folk songs in their broadcasting sessions. They’re mainly located in California, Sacramento with 49 substations.

These are only some of the online radio stations that feature acoustic guitar music. Wherever you are, whichever country you may be in, there’s a radio station that you can learn acoustic guitar from.

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